Social Media

Well, I wasn’t big on it at first. Facebook was overwhelming to me. It was great to get to connect with so many current friends and also so many good friends that I had lost touch with over the years. But, it’s hard to be bombarded with so much information. People tend to share their big ups like new babies and cute puppies, and also their really painful moments, such as sicknesses and deaths. The in-between moments don’t get posted as much, so in that, I get overwhelmed. Plus, I tend to feel people’s emotions pretty intensely. That makes for a lot of stressful social media moments.
Social Media Icons
After fighting with myself for a few years over FB and Instagram, I finally decided to quit being such a social media stalker (only watching people’s posts about their lives but not participating, commenting, and posting myself) and finally get involved. It’s been just a couple of weeks and so far—I’m digging it. To be honest, I decided to “dig in” when I made my pottery available online. The surprising thing to me is that I AM ACTUALLY ENJOYING IT! I’m hearing from lots of friends—encouraging words about my pottery—but also those friends are sending me personal notes about their lives, which is the best part!

It’s also been interesting to watch how social media grows. It’s like the super old Wella Balsam commercial that goes, “They tell 2 friends, and those 2 friends tell 2 friends, and so on and so on and so on.” So far, I have had a few of my friend's friends purchase things from me. I have met them before, but I wouldn’t have been in contact with them without social media. I’m really looking forward to the day that I have total strangers connect with me and buy my products!

So, all that to say: ”Hello world!” “Hello Facebook!” “Hello Instagram!” And hello to whatever the next social media app is that will take over the world. Thanks for helping my life to be more connected and for helping my business to grow.

Mud Musings,