About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Gretchen KaLin from Moravian Falls, NC. I've just gotten my website up and running, but I've been selling my pottery locally for two years. I've been a potter for a few years now and I'm always exploring my creativity.

As a kid, I was taught to color inside the lines. Once that was imprinted on my mind, I started to think that the other kids sitting near me were better artists than me. That almost immediately shut down my creativity.

In my middle school we were required to take one art class. That is the only art class I took in all of my schooling. Because of all of that, I thought that I could never be an artist.

Fortunately, I had to help a friend develop a logo for his business about 15 years ago. So, I learned a graphics program and did the best I could with it. After that, I was able to break through my "lack of creativity" by doing web design. Through the process of creating simple graphics for my clients, I started to develop a general eye for what I thought looked good. After that, I thought, "This art thing isn't so scary. Maybe I'm actually creative". So, I bought a kid's watercolor kit and painted a picture...and I LIKED IT!!! So, I was off and painting for a while.

My next art endeavor was lampworking. I began melting glass and making beads and marbles. Then I realized that I could make jewelry with all of the beads I had created, so I was off on another creative whim.

After some of these creative tangents and businesses, I finally realized that I AM CREATIVE! Through this process, God has been healing my heart and letting me know that He has made me in His image. He is the GREAT CREATOR and He has made me in His image. I’m having so much fun now, exploring so many areas of creativity with Him.

So, my latest "creative tangent" has been pottery. I think this one will stick because I LOVE IT! I dove in a couple of years ago, after dipping my toes in the river a couple of times. Now, I’ve fallen in love with it! I hope you will enjoy seeing my work.

Thanks for visiting my site.