Hi, I'm Gretchen KaLin and welcome to my site. I've been a studio potter for about four years now. My focus has been on functional pottery until just recently when I started making essential oil diffuser necklaces. I started out by making one for myself and then, to my surprise, my friend wanted to buy my necklace and have me make more for her. Then she started giving them as gifts to her friends and family and she even started selling them for me! Before I knew it, I was in my studio spending most of my time making pendants.

Each of my pendants and functional pottery pieces are unique and handmade by me in Moravian Falls, NC. I love being in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Most of my clay even comes from North Carolina.

My studio is called Fort Fire Swamp and I have a group of gals that come and "play in the mud" every week. It's so much fun! I spend the rest of my time there during the week with my husband, my little white, fluffy dog who I call Moo and my most recent addition, my puppy named Van Gogh.

I hope you enjoy my art and buy some for yourself and a friend!